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Here at Royal Acres, it is important to us that our puppies are placed in homes that are willing to take care of them for their entire life. A White Shepherd can live 12-15 years. Not only will the new addition to your family need your time and patience, but also finances for food, vet care, training, etc. Please take time to consider these things as you think about this possible addition to your family. It is also important to us, at Reeves Royal Acres, to get to know our puppy buyers, as to help match the right puppy/dog with the right person/people. To help with this, we ask that you please take time to fill out our questionnaire.

If you are interested in a puppy from Royal Acres, please copy and paste the following questionnaire, answer the questions, and email it back to!

1. Please list your NAME, FULL STREET ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP and PHONE number:

2. Please list your email address. (REQUIRED)
3. Please list the names, ages, and occupations of all of the people living in your household and if anyone is allergic to dogs.
4. Who will be the primary caregiver?
5. On a scale of 1-5, please describe your family's daily activity level with 1 being low and 5 being high.
6. Please describe your neighborhood and housing situation. Do you have a fence? How high? Do you own or rent? How long have you been at this home? 
7. Do you know of any life changing plans you will have in the next couple of years? (i.e., moving, changing job, getting married, getting divorced, having children) 
8. Please list other pets, past and present, including what breed
[if dog(s)], and how long they have been/were with you. 
9. Do you plan to get more dogs in the future?
10. Have you ever had to give up ownership of a dog? For what reason? 

11. Are you interested in a male or a female and why? What kind of personality are you looking for in your puppy? 
12. Where do you plan for the puppy to sleep at overnight (indoors - crate or loose, outdoors, etc)? 
13. How many hours will your puppy be home alone? Where will the puppy stay when you are out of the home during the first six months? And where do you plan for the dog to stay when you are out of the home once the puppy is older? 
14. Where will your puppy stay while you are out of town on vacation? May we contact this resource?
15. Please explain how you intend to train your puppy and your past experience in training dogs. Will you be attending dog training lessons? Do you have a local trainer or obedience club (if yes - please provide their website)? What training methods do you intend to use?
16. What performance events do you want to participate in with your puppy (agility, obedience, rally, conformation, breeding, therapy work, etc.)? 
17. Please list any additional information you would like to share, or any questions you have for us.



- Heimdall X Zing 2023 *co-bred with Amore


We are planning to breed Priya​, Treasure, and Zazzy in the next few months/year.


- Monty X Nova 2023

- Ozzy X Aspen 2023

- Monty X Zazzy 2022

- Cruz X Image 2022

- Amraz X Aspen 2022

- Monty X Zazzy 2021

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