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Established in 1986 – Royal Acres is one of the most well-known White Shepherd kennels here in the United States and around the world. Producing a limited number of quality puppies each year for show, performance, and family companions.

Our journey into the White Shepherd world started with our extended family, who loved and raised white German Shepherds back in the 1970’s through the 1980’s. In 1986, we were fortunate enough to welcome our first white shepherd into our home. Her name was Angel and she lived up to her name. She was everything the breed was meant to be. Great with young children, intelligent and a very quick learner, owner oriented and always at our side, as well as being a wonderful guardian and constant companion. Our love of the breed and the desire to share these extraordinary dogs with other lucky families led us to a lifelong adventure and desire to promote and bring to the forefront of the world spotlight the White Shepherd breed.

Though the white German Shepherd is not an accepted color or breed in the world, efforts here in the United States and around the world have resulted in the White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) being recognized through the world organization (Federation Cynologique International) and the United Kennel Club (White Shepherd) here in the US. Promoting these exceptional dogs has led us to meeting many other exceptional people who are equally devoted to the White Shepherd, forming lifelong friendships and the desire to foster the love and devotion of the breed in others who may be just starting into the dog world. This is the greatest gift we can share – the knowledge and excitement that the many years in this breed have given us.


Royal Acres has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most well-known kennels in the world. From co-authoring a White Shepherd book, to our having top winning dogs in both national specialty shows and all breed shows, we owe it all to fact that under it all – it is the dogs themselves that shine.


Our humble beginnings are in the rich woods, fields, and farmlands of Northwest Indiana. Here on our farm, we have sheep, horses, chickens, cats, cattle and of course our dogs. This rich environment gives our pups the opportunity to experience many different and diverse activities around the farm.


We are or have been active in conformation, agility, obedience, sheep herding, therapy work, lure coursing, precision coursing, rally – as this breed truly can “do it all!” Contact us! We would be more than happy to share our love of the breed with you also!

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