About Royal White Swiss Shepherds

Thank you very much for your interest in our White Shepherds here at Reeves Royal Acres. We have been raising White Shepherds since 1986 and have produced some of the top conformation and working dogs in the country. Our dogs have achieved many accomplishments and awards. Soon, each of our dogs will have its own page on our site, so you may view their individual information, pedigrees and achievements.

Royal Acres bloodlines have appeared in the majority of the Top Ten UKC conformation dogs since the White Shepherd was recognized as an eligible breed. Royal Acres dogs can be found in many of the prominent kennels across the US and in several foreign countries. We have a couple dogs involved in Search and Rescue and many working various other jobs in all parts of the country.

Dedication to the breed is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to raise healthy dogs that will be treasured family companions, as well as being intelligent and extremely handsome. We have worked with the breed parent clubs for many years in local and national positions, as well as promotion of the breed through hosting conformation shows, obedience fun matches, and pet fair events. We participate in the health and genetics study being organized by AWSA. Please take a look at these club sites to find many White Shepherd pictures and references to our kennel: American White Shepherd AssociationWhite Shepherd Club of CanadaUnited White Shepherd Club.

Royal Acres is a working agricultural and livestock farm located in northwest Indiana. We are very involved with our dogs on a daily basis. We are home full time with our dogs and puppies, and spend many hours exercising, playing, training, and caring for all of our four-footed friends. Currently we are participating in conformation showing with the American White Shepherd Association, the White Shepherd Club of Canada, and the United Kennel Club. We also compete in obedience with AKC and UKC, and agility with the UKC. My kids also show frequently in Junior Showmanship and 4-H obedience and agility.

All puppies begin their lives with the early neurological stimulation program called the Super Dog program. Click on the link for more information: Early Neurological Stimulation-Developing High Achievers. Puppies will be fully guaranteed for health and hips, be vaccinated, wormed, partially crate trained and well socialized with my family. They will also be introduced to house breaking, other dogs, larger animals and many types of activities. Puppies will be evaluated for temperament, conformation, and trainability. We do puppy temperament and aptitude testing before placing puppies in their new homes. Puppies will be AKC, UKC, and AWSA registered.

Consideration will be given to homes that are qualified to handle and raise a White Shepherd properly. We are very careful about placement of our puppies, and would like them to find homes where they will thrive and be loved for their entire lives. White Shepherds live and average of about 12 years, and we would like them to remain with their dedicated family that entire time. They are a working and herding breed that requires exercise, training and socialization in order to have a happy and healthy life. Please fill out our Prospective Puppy Questionnaire, if you would like to be considered for the purchase of a puppy.

I do not take deposits on puppies until they are born. I find that it is easier to wait until they are here and we know what we have. After you have filled out our questionnaire, and the puppies are born, you will be contacted concerning the availability of a puppy. At that time, a deposit of $100 will be required. This deposit will be refundable if for some reason your situation changes before the puppies are six weeks of age or if I feel I cannot provide you with a puppy that would be suitable for your home. Prices vary depending on if you are looking for limited registered pets or top pick working and conformation puppies.

Shipping is available for an addition fee, which would include the shipping crate, additional health papers and the airfare, of course if the weather is cooperative. During the winter and summer, shipping can be arranged, but we have to carefully watch the temperature. We need to have weather above 20 degrees, and below 85 degrees for airlines to ship puppies. Traveling to pick the puppy up, or flying out and taking the puppy back with you as a carry-on, are two of the best options during the winter and summer months.

We hope that you will find this website helpful in choosing a special friend and companion that will be with you for many happy years. For information on our current and coming-soon litters, please see our Puppy page.

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