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Royal Sir Isaac's IQ


Health Results

OFA Fair Hips

OFA Normal Elbows

von Willebrands factor tested - 73 %
TLI - normal tested (for pancreatic panel) 2009

MDR1: +/+ (clear)

Show & Sport Results

#2 AWSA White Shepherd 2000, 2001, and 2003

#2 UKC White Shepherd 2000 and 2003

#1 UKC White Shepherd 2001 and 2004

#4 AWSA White Shepherd 2002

#3 UKC White Shepherd 2002

#1 AWSA White Shepherd 2004

Best in Show Winner

WSW Sire Hall of Fame, Inductee #1

 UKC Grand Champion Titled

AWSA/WSCC Champion Titled

UKC & AKC Companion Dog Titled

AKC Canine Good Citizen Titled

UKC Agility 1 Titled

Isaac stack 1.jpg
Isaac headshot.jpg

About Isaac

Isaac is one of those dogs that is very special and often rare to find. Isaac has made a huge impact in the White Shepherd world as one of the most influential sires of his time. He definitely has put his "stamp" on his progeny, with his looks, temperament and coat type. His bloodlines can be found in almost all prominent kennels across the US and in several foreign countries.

Isaac is a dog that could, and has, done it all. Ranking high in the conformation world for many years. Being titled in obedience, agility, herding, and working as a therapy dog for five years, Isaac was never one to stay on the sidelines. He enjoys life to the fullest and even at 12 years of age, he can be found here at Royal Acres carrying his beloved ball around. Making certain that all the other dogs remain in their place within the pack, and just being the grand patron of all that happens here.

Isaac is built like a bear. Solid, strong, and extremely heavy boned. He is 26 inches tall and 85 lbs. Solid white, extremely black pigmented, and plush coated. Isaac does carry the long coat gene and some of the strongest, tightest feet ever to be found in the breed.

His progeny continue to make their mark on the world and we hope that his bloodlines will flow through the breed for eternity!

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