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About Royal Acres

Having been established in 1986, Royal Acres is one of the most experienced breeders of White Swiss Shepherds in the USA. Our breeding program was established before the breed separated from the German Shepherd Dog, and our lines have been used internationally in the development of the White Swiss Shepherd breed. On the domestic side of things, Royal Acres bloodlines have appeared in the majority of the Top Ten UKC conformation dogs since the White Shepherd was recognized as an eligible breed. 

Dedication to the breed is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to raise healthy dogs that will be treasured family companions, as well as being intelligent and extremely handsome. We have worked with the breed parent clubs for many years in local and national positions, as well as promotion of the breed through hosting conformation shows, obedience fun matches, and pet fair events.

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Royal Acres White Swiss Shepherds is proud to announce that our kennel was the first one in history to be awarded the White Swiss World Breeder Hall of Fame and Breeder Versatility Hall of Fame recognitions.

These honors are bestowed upon breeders who have proven dedication to preservation of the White Swiss Shepherd breed as a versatile herding dog, capable of a multitude of dog sports and with correct conformation to the breed standard.

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